6 Months Pregnant, Infants Can Be Invited To Interact

At the time of 6 months pregnant, you can interact with your child through touch and sound, or music brought to the stomach. And maybe it will feel more fun for pregnant women because the baby can respond to you with movement! If at 5 months pregnant you may not be so sure whether he can hear or feel, while 6 months pregnant, the baby has been very active and can respond to sound and touch. A loud voice like a scream or music makes him make a small spike or kick. How Does Fetal Growth? At the beginning of this 6 month pregnancy, your baby weighs approximately 0.6 kilograms with a length of approximately 34.6 cm. You can feel him move actively and even when he hiccups. Pregnant week 25The baby's heartbeat slows to 140 beats per minute. However, the frequency is higher than your own heartbeat.He no longer looked thin, but began to be a baby with fat under his skin.Skin that had seemed wrinkled began to smooth.The ultrasound screen can display hair that has grown.Every now and t…
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